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Whatever happened to that? Now it’s screw the people lets go kills some other people.


Battle of Evermore

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April 25 2008 New Orleans Jazz Festival Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin with Alison Krauss The Battle of Evermore Live! Awesome show! Yes i know the camera moves a little too much but i was up front with a lot of people. [ wrote sharktooth5000 ]
I would have loved to have been there.
With concerts like this who needs a Led Zep reunion tour?
I still believe their album was one of the best of last year.
I mean of course Raising Sand.

This popular Bourbon Street destination is famous for two things: Big Al Carson and the hand grenade. Big Al is the 500-pound urban blues king who, along with his band the Blues Masters, owns the musical genre in the Quarter. The hand grenade is the Pirate’s signature drink: a mysterious and potent rum-and-vodka combination that has become nearly as popular as New Orleans’ signature drink, the Hurricane.

Check out Frommer’s Review from the New York Times …….
Decorated to resemble a pirate’s lair, the Funky Pirate lives up to its name — especially the “funky” part. The Pirate is as far from urbane modern jazz as you can get, so there’s no chance you’ll confuse it with the Funky Butt, should the latter ever return. The place seems to be perpetually full of loud beer drinkers, and at night it can get jampacked. “Big” Al Carson and the Blues Masters hold court here playing live blues, and Big Al lives up to his name — especially the “big” part.

So here’s a taster to get you going ……

Got my Mojo workin’

For some more Big Al check out also these “official” videos.

Big Al Carson

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The next time you are in New Orleans you have to go to the Funky Pirate. It’s most of the way down Bourbon Street on the left. And there you will find Big Al singing and playing his heart out. This is one of his novelty numbers, but they play some awesome blues songs as well as party favorites to keep the night going.