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On the one hand there is this picture above that I received in an e-mail this morning.
Probably one of the least offensive or annoying e-mails in this current political season.
Then the ever provocative popbitch points me at the on-line Esquire headline:
Why White Supremacists Support Barack ObamaIn an informal Esquire survey, three out of four white supremacists prefer Obama, while McCain is the clear favorite among black nationalists. What??
Tom Metzger – Director, White Aryan Resistance
“The corporations are running things now, so it’s not going to make much difference who’s in there, but McCain would be much worse. He’s a warmonger. He’s a scary, scary person — more dangerous than Bush.”
Ron Edwards –  Imperial Wizard, Imperial Klans of America
“Obama, I think he’s a piece of shit. I don’t care that his mother was white. I don’t think he has enough brains to do anything good.”
Erich Gliebe – Chairman, National Alliance
“Obama might be a better candidate for our cause because he’s racially conscious. I don’t think McCain even acknowledges that a white race exists. He’s all about granting amnesty to illegal aliens. The fact he wants to keep us in wars in the Middle East for 100 years, that’s not a good thing.”
Rocky Suhayda – Chairman, American Nazi Party
“White people are faced with either a negro or a total nutter who happens to have a pale face. Personally I’d prefer the negro. National Socialists are not mindless haters.”
Yahanna – General, Israelite School Of Universal Practical Knowledge
“Finding out Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for president was one of the saddest days in black history.McCain is definitely the better shot for black people.”

Comments like that make me feel it is a sick world out there, and makes one worry about their children and grandchildren.

But on the other hand the freedom of speech is what everyone thinks is foremost in this free country.

Get out and Vote Tuesday

And of course it looks like the Brits will have the wildest party.