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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Posted: September 16, 2008 in Bush
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OK, I guess Dubyah’s work is almost done now.  He has dropped this country into the toilet, and it is just a moment in time before he flushes.  Wall Street is in the crapper.  Karl Rove is saying McCain went to far!! McCain is still getting older, and still approving these lies, er messages.  Governor Palin is just as scary as ever.

And then there is this clown.  No this is not a skit from SNL or Mad TV.  This is a fine good christian extolling his brothers to be fine upstanding Christians.  Now the scary part is I assumed he was from some strange place in the Bible belt, but no he is from New York!  I’m sure he would be one of the first to rail against the Muslim extremists, but if there were many Christian extremists of this guys ilk we would surely be in a mess of trouble.

I bet Barrack is glad he has his “Brothers” behind him.

This Christian site translates into many languages “English, Deutsch,Español,Nederlands,swedish,français,italiano,Русский and more!”. (sic)  I don’t know about the rest but the English was pretty suspect to me.