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Legalize marijuana

Time to legalize marijuana?




Let’s get sensible on Tuesday.

Samuel L Jackson has a wake up call for the country. And it is right on.

My name is not Samuel L Jackson, but I approve this message.

Time to get out and vote, organize and just generally get up of your ass.

Don't let him get any richer from the proceeds of selling favors to the fat cats.


Why could it be dangerous?  Because obviously this chump has no concept of  what he is going to do, so how do we know what he will do.  It probably depends on the season, whether it’s a Thursday and is there an “R” in the month.

Don’t believe me, check these out.

NPR says he has shifting stance.

Lowell Sun – ever evolving positions.

CS Monitor asks if he misrepresented his health care proposals on Meet the Press.

Go to Wikipedia to read up on his Mass Health care bill.

Get the Mormon take on health.

The Huffington Post take on Romney vs Obamacare.

And finally the Daily Kos may have the real reason he’s so confused.  Alzheimer’s?



Who would you like to run the country?

That is a quote from Ayn Rand. And we all know who is as one with Ayn Rand don’t we. Except now Paul Ryan denies all knowledge, even calls it an Urban Legend.

Now here’s where he originally said it, so what you are looking at here is an amazingly lifelike urban legend.

And here is where he didn’t!!! A complete disavowal. This is the true definition of a politician.

And so we can leave it to Rachel Maddow to do the wrap up for us.

Definition of an Urban Legend.
An urban legend, urban myth, urban tale, or contemporary legend, is a form of modern folklore consisting of stories that may or may not have been believed by their tellers to be true. [Wikipedia]

Looking for a Veep II

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Well obviously since Bachmann went totally crazy with her Muslim conspiracy theory, and the British press declared that Mitt the Twit was dumber than Palin we only have one acceptable pairing for November.