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Samuel L Jackson has a wake up call for the country. And it is right on.

My name is not Samuel L Jackson, but I approve this message.

Time to get out and vote, organize and just generally get up of your ass.

Don't let him get any richer from the proceeds of selling favors to the fat cats.


Why could it be dangerous?  Because obviously this chump has no concept of  what he is going to do, so how do we know what he will do.  It probably depends on the season, whether it’s a Thursday and is there an “R” in the month.

Don’t believe me, check these out.

NPR says he has shifting stance.

Lowell Sun – ever evolving positions.

CS Monitor asks if he misrepresented his health care proposals on Meet the Press.

Go to Wikipedia to read up on his Mass Health care bill.

Get the Mormon take on health.

The Huffington Post take on Romney vs Obamacare.

And finally the Daily Kos may have the real reason he’s so confused.  Alzheimer’s?



Ninety years ago this August, women finally won the right to vote when the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920. But instead of taking that right seriously, Meg Whitman has rarely voted for three decades. She wants to be our next governor — but shouldn’t she show more respect for the struggles that earned women the right to vote?

That’s why the Courage Campaign is teaming up with the California Nurses Association to send a message to Meg Whitman about the voting rights she took for granted. On Thursday, August 26, nurses and activists from across California will travel to Sacramento for a rally celebrating women’s right to vote. Many will take a train to Sacramento, honoring the suffragist movement and their success, and dressing in costumes from the suffragist era.

Even if you can’t join the rally, you can still help us send a message to Meg Whitman on the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. If you would like to be registered to Vote By Mail — the most reliable way to vote every election — please fill out the following form and the Courage Campaign will mail you a Vote-By-Mail application ASAP. Once you receive it, just fill it out and mail it in to your county registrar!

From Keith Olbermann Countdown: George Bush arrives in Raleigh, N.C. waves at spectators, they don’t wave back. Waves again, still no wave back.
The public has it right at last.

Not. But in case you are, enjoy the irony of this movie.
This would be really funny if it was not so scary, but that is the Republican way.
Scare the populace into submission.

I’m Voting Republican
is a satirical look at the likely outcome of another four years of Republican government. The not-so-subtle message behind the film is the importance of a united bloc of citizens willing to take the time and effort to vote Democrat in order to improve America’s domestic and foreign policy.
[Thanks Suzan]

It strikes me that Huge Matkin must be one hellava talented person, with too much time on his hands.
Or else he has really mad skills and does this stuff in his sleep.
Here is an awesome mashup of a load of politicians and David Bowie doing Changes.

I thought it used to be called flip flopping!!