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Let’s get sensible on Tuesday.

Samuel L Jackson has a wake up call for the country. And it is right on.

My name is not Samuel L Jackson, but I approve this message.

Time to get out and vote, organize and just generally get up of your ass.

Don't let him get any richer from the proceeds of selling favors to the fat cats.

Ahh Umm Err looks like we have another great prognosticator here.  I’ll find some and bring them to ya.

If like me you don’t watch Katie Couric you may have missed this gem of an interview.

And here’s a little gem of a story CBS must have missed,  courtesy of  Popbitch.

McCain offers Sarah Palin a ride on his chopper

All you have to do is stand for President and
American companies start showering you with
freebies. John McCain was just given a customised
motorbike, by Orange County Choppers. It’s
designed to be a tribute to PoWs – the barbed
wire highlights are especially tasteful.

When McCain was presented with the bike he said
“Sarah and I are going to get on that chopper
and ride it straight to Washington!”.

Sadly John McCain doesn’t have a bike license and
his years as a PoW means he can’t lift his arms
high enough to reach the handlebars. Plus the
lack of rear suspension would aggravate his
enlarged prostate. Oh and the bike isn’t road
legal either. Nice work, Orange County Choppers.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Many a true word spoken in jest.

Here’s a refreshing change on the political scene, instead of all the lies being spewed in the political ads, here’s a nice piece of music.

Featuring: Mariachi Aguilas de Mexico

Courtesy: NuevaVista70 who also provided a translation for the non-Spanish speakers among us.  Including me.

English Translation:
To the candidate who is Barack Obama
I sing this corrido with all my soul
He was born humble without pretension
He began in the streets of Chicago
Working to achieve a vision
To protect the working people
And bring us all together in this great nation
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
Families united and safe and even with a health care plan
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
A candidate fighting for our nation
It doesn’t matter if you’re from San Antonio
It doesn’t matter if you’re from Corpus Christi
From Dallas, from the Valley, from Houston or from El Paso
What matters is that we vote for Obama
Because his struggle is also our struggle, and today we urgently need a change
Let’s unite with our great friend
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
Families united and safe and even with a health care plan
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
A candidate fighting for our nation

Yes, we now have the right stuff for President and VP.  As I predicted back on June 4th it is Joe Biden for VP.
I really like the choice, I have a lot of respect for Joe Biden.  In my humble opinion he is too intelligent to be a politician, so it will be a good pairing.
The good news is that John McCain does not have any brothers who are state governors which will help us in having a fair and above board election. So hopefully without having hanging chads and Supreme Court intervention come January we will finally end the fiasco of the Bush years.  America will once again gain respect in the world.
Too many of my friends around the world have told me of their countries disdain for the USA during the past eight years.
Plus of course life will be better for us again, if we can climb out from the mountain of debt dear Dubyah buried us under.
So I urge all Americans to get out and convince the naysayers of their folly and most important, come November, VOTE.
One last thought, wouldn’t it be something if McCain could stop the mud slinging and attempt to show reasons why he should be elected (if there are any).  And please Barack, do not stoop to his level.
It will be refreshing to have some-one we can vote for, rather than just voting against the other candidate.
Welcome Joe, now let’s get out and get it done.