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Samuel L Jackson has a wake up call for the country. And it is right on.

My name is not Samuel L Jackson, but I approve this message.

Time to get out and vote, organize and just generally get up of your ass.

Don't let him get any richer from the proceeds of selling favors to the fat cats.


I have to agree with that.  This band are from Canada, got to wonder why there are not more US bands making this kind of music.
But on the other hand the number of bands lining up to support Bush’s buddy McCain was pretty slim.
Gotta like the shout out to Faux News too.

Thanks to my brothers buddy Wayne for the hint.

shoe_drop1 This has to be my favorite piece of news video in current rotation.

Who knew he could move so fast?

I understand the Yankees are looking for a new pitcher, this guy looks like he is pretty accurate.  That looks like a pair of strikes.

And of course all he understood was the shoe size.

Way to go.

And good to see that Faux News has mastered the replay button.







Don’t they know it is Christmas?

Nice re-imagining of an old video.  Some of these guys look positively youthful.

This musical production seems to be the best way to get Prop 8 reversed, or is it?

But it is funny as hell.  It’s really a shame that Prop 8 is still a discussion point. It should never have passed, because we are creating another class of people.  Much like the 50’s and 60’s in this country.

Hopefully the Californian Supreme Court will resolve this soon.

Meanwhile enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Everybody knows that the President get’s to pardon a bird every year at Thanksgiving.  I never heard of a Gubernorial Pardon for a bird though.  Some of the links to this video state that Governor Palin had just pardoned the Alaska Governors bird, but that seems unlikely based on her comments at the end of this video.

I doubt that PETA will be calling upon the Governor soon to be a spokeswoman for them.  I just have to wonder does she ever think before doing things?  This is just funny, keep an eye on the turkey slaughterer in the background.

A 2008 news story on KTUU channel 2 in Anchorage.

omg_you_voted_for_whoYou know the expression about “too much time on their hands”, well this is a classic and well done example of the phenomena.  Take a clip from a classic movie about Hitlers last hours, and add some sub-titles on the theme of foreclosure, and hillarity ensues.

Thanks to jamnospam for a job well done.