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Let’s get sensible on Tuesday.

Samuel L Jackson has a wake up call for the country. And it is right on.

My name is not Samuel L Jackson, but I approve this message.

Time to get out and vote, organize and just generally get up of your ass.

Don't let him get any richer from the proceeds of selling favors to the fat cats.

The Democratic Primaries in eight minutes.
Amazingly well done video that covers every important, and a few not so important moments from the recent Democratic Primaries.

Courtesy: [Brightcove] [Popbitch]

Mike Gravel running for President as a Democratic candidate, he’s not getting to much exposure so he has gravitated to YouTube. Since I have previously featured Hillary and Barrack I guess to be fair I have to include this. At first I thought is this kind of strange for a person running for President? Then I thought about our current President and said nahh, perfectly normal.