Confession of basij افشاگري يك عضو بسيج

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

MUST SEE CONFESSION OF BASIJSource:…Basij member describes election abuse.  A defecting member of the infamous Basij militia, the men who wounded and killed in the aftermath of the Iran elections in the summer, talks to Lindsey Hilsum about what he witnessed….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “MUST SEE-Confession of basij(Part 1) …“, posted with vodpod

To read more of this fascinating article by Lindsey Hilsum check out channel 4’s post.

One quick sample, shows Ahmadinejad was even more blatant than Bush.

Election fraud
“For us who were responsible for the ballot boxes the order was this: that Aqa’s [Khamenei’s] wish is for Ahmadinejad to win.

“For illiterate people and those not able to complete their ballots, you must do so for them and complete them accordingly (for Ahmadinejad), no matter who their vote was intended for.

“Same with blank votes. In the counting the blank votes wouldn’t be announced as void.

“They [the illiterate] were generally made up of elderly men and women – and they are great believers in the mosque community and religious matters and areas where there is a lower literacy rate like the villages or areas of the big cities.”


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