Freedom for Iran

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

There is a peaceful revolution going on, except that the regime that is in power does not play by the rules.  They are using terror tactics to repress the people.  But the people are rallying to the  memory of Neda.

So to finally is the United Nations.

You can watch a PBS Frontline episode about Neda here.

Our Video nr. 1000 in facebook is a Tribute to the Voice of Freedom from IRAN!!

They Used 30 Years To Divid Us, All We Needed Was A NEDA To Become UNITED

In memory of our Martyr NEDA.
That become the voice of IRAN

Sleep my Dear sister, my Neda
This is your voice now, my sound
Sleep, the pure daughter of Iran
Sleep, the one who are allways awake in our heros fight
So bravelig you set fire on the night
You was reborn once again from your own Blood

NEDA your become the SCREAM of a Nation

You become the LIGHT in the darkness and sadness
You give us a CALL with your look

I promise with your inecent look
With the Flood of your blood, we will make a thsunami
We will ride as LIGHTNING in the DARK NIGHT!



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