Sarah Palin’s Ongoing Wolf Slaughter

Posted: February 5, 2009 in nature, politics
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Visit this site to help stop Governor Sarah Palin’s aerial-wolf killing program. Governor Palin continues to push extreme methods to kill wolves and bears, seeking to eliminate hundreds of wolves this season through Alaska’s aerial wolf killing program. Her state’s Board of Game has even approved the killing of young wolf pups in or near their dens, a controversial practice that was illegal until 2008.

  1. dustymills says:

    Thank you for this posting; everyone needs to watch this video because it show’s that Sarah Palin is no sportswoman, she is no hunter…..she is guilty of downright slaughter. This is a dispicable “practice” and shows the true heart of Palin.

  2. sameasitev says:

    I just used the words from the You Tube post, I could not allow myself to comment because I was just so pissed off at the disgusting piece of humanity who try’s to pass as a woman. She gives women and mankind in general a bad name. And to think she was a breath away from the Presidency. I guess I’m still pissed off, so I’ll stop now before I get too nasty.

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