What do these three women have in common?  They all use the down home, mom, apple pie, aw shucks approach to their acts.  Dolly Parton is an accomplished songwriter and singer, she has been entertaining the world for years.  Nobody can dismiss her accomplishments.
Kellie Pickler is the new girl in Nashville (compared to Dolly).  She didn’t win Idol, but very shrewdly decided on a country music career.  She has adopted the He Haw kind of persona which she pulls of very well. She is not as dumb as the persona she puts out there, but I also believe most people know that and react accordingly.  I think Kellie will be around for quite a while.
Then we have Governor Palin, her debate last night with Senator Biden was full of Shucks and aw.
I lost count of the number of “heck”s there were. Does she realize that it is a polite version of “hell” that can be used on TV?
Now I’ve lived on both coasts and in the mid-west, I have many friends in the mid-west to this day.  I have met many “folksy” speaking people, and many of them were genuine.  It was a real thing, not an affectation. But I’m not buying this hick shtick from Alaska.  It is so false, so phony.  Along with the winks just to show she is a big buddy of “Joe six pack”.  Well we’ve had “Joe one short of a Six Pack” as President for the last 7 plus years and look where that got us.
Now the spin meisters are out in force, saying everything from she won it to she survived it.
What debate were they watching?

There was one quote in this mornings San Francisco Chronicle that blew me away, then I remembered creepy Rudy is looking for a cabinet post.

Failed GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani: Palin’s was one of the best debate performances he’s ever seen. “Only the liberal media could deny her this victory.”

My points on the debate would be these:

Governor Palin set the tone when she admitted she was not answering the exact question.

She never answered a question.  It was all “Aw shucks, I’m gonna ignore that question and read you what it says on this little piece of paper here.” Heck, the answer might just be better than the question.
She failed pretty dismally in defending McCain.

Senator Biden got across what he came to do, that was to tie The Maverick to Dubyah.

And there is no denying he succeeded.  He did at least answer all the questions, in as much as any politician answers all the questions.  He did a good job in defending Barack Obama.  And he did an excellent job of restraint and not going after any of Governor Palin’s gaffes.

Just remember the election is looming, make sure you are registered to vote.
Make sure you VOTE.


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