Here’s Johnnie!!

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Bush, John McCain, political
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What a distinction, to be the biggest liar ever in American political campaigns.
I thought they waited until after they were “elected” before telling such huge lies.

I liked the juxtaposition of the Netflix ad with the other photo, really brings it home.  I find it interesting how many people say what a liar he is, but the networks haven’t got on it yet.  Maybe they really are government controlled.

Got Yahoo?

Everybody knows that you have multiple e-mails, your employer’s one for serious secure stuff, G-Mail for keeping in contact with friends and then you have the burner e-mails like yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc.  You give these to people you want to ignore.  But to use one for government work?  What was she thinking?

I don’t know if this poll started before or after her yahoo account got hacked but what I found interesting was there were no undecideds.  There normally is in any poll, of course it could have changed by now.

Go see what it is at now.


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