Noun, Verb, POW

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Bush
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Are you as sick of this rhetoric as I am?  It’s like the old Bush speech’s of Noun, Noun, 911.  Or Rudy’s 911, Verb, 911.   And now to add to that we have Lieberman’s  Noun, Verb, FlipFlop, Michael Moore.

Time to get this old POW out to pasture.  My first Father in law was a POW and all the years I knew him he never wanted to discuss it, maybe it was worse under the Nazis.  But he never mentioned it to anybody.

John McCain has been exploiting his prisoner of war experience every chance he gets. He has used this story to justify everything from not knowing how many homes he has to his healthcare plan to his marital infidelities to his taste in music. The McCain campaign is even using his POW story in paid ads. But now a veteran who was a prisoner with McCain in Vietnam is explaining loud and clear that being a POW does not qualify McCain to lead our country.

We are sure this video will draw an onslaught of right-wing attacks, but we bring it to you because it is our job to continue to convey the truth together and give these issues national attention. As Dr. Butler has said, McCain does not have the temperament to have his finger near the red button. Get this video to everyone you know—friends, family members, coworkers, and especially those who don’t share your political views. The video is designed to reach them. Get it on your social networking sites like Digg. And get it to every blog, newspaper, and TV station that has ever overplayed McCain’s POW story. It is time to fight back with truth!

The mainstream press has already begun to call out McCain for overusing his POW story. And it’s cut across all political persuasions. * “Whether he’s deflecting criticism over his health-care plan or mocking a tribute to the Woodstock music festival, Senator John McCain has a trump card: the Hanoi Hilton. — Edwin Chen, Bloomberg * “Noun, Verb, POW” — Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic Monthly * “The McCain campaign’s constant invocation of the candidate’s POW past is weird bordering on irrational…” — Ana Marie Cox, TIME * “I think they are going to it way too many times.” — Howard Fineman, Newsweek


See the Veterans video.


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