You get what you pay for

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Barack Obama, John McCain
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OK, so you want to get your daughter featured on a political campaign ad on TV.
What do you have to do, well it’s obvious.
You donate $4,600 to the Elect an ancient mariner campaign and Voila!
Then they attempt a good old swiftboat type of commercial, and you are not sure if you want to laugh or cry.
If he was looking for an heiress to star in his commercial he could have stayed closer to home.

According to TMZ the Hilton’s are pissed at McCain because he dissed their daughter after they contributed $4,600 to his campaign.
Good Idea, bite the hand that feeds you.
As if poor Britney doesn’t have enough problems with that old Dr Phil hanging around she gets dragged in to it by McCain as well.

Maybe Barack needs to create a commercial set in a German Coffee shop in Ohio and have McCain sitting round with his buddies Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rove.
Nahh, don’t stoop to their level.


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