A Tale of Two Duartes

Posted: July 29, 2008 in music
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Celso Duarte began his studies of the harp and Latin-American music at a very early age with his father, the world-renowned Paraguayan harpist Celso Duarte González. Charismatic, talented and deeply profound, Celso Duarte has been recognized as a virtuoso of the harp by many international critics. His expertise extends mainly to the Paraguayan harp, Celtic harp, and Mexican Jarocha harp.
I read a review of Celso Duarte’s new CD in Paste Magazine and had to check out his sounds. The harp is so often thought of as a background instrument or maybe even a little new wave.
But this is totally different. Enjoy, I know I did.

The harpist Celso Duarte González playing in the III Paraguaype Festival, held in Asuncion, Paraguay, in August 2006.

Celso Duarte González (harp) and Martin Portillo (guitar) at the Encuentro de Arpa de Durango 2004.

Lila Downs and Celso Duarte improvise in La Iguana, in the Iberoamerican Theater Festival.

Celso Duarte in the international forum of cultures is shown in concert with Lila Downs.


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