Thankfully he won’t be back

Posted: July 24, 2008 in courage campaign, political
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But unfortunately he is still here, until January 2011. Last night, news broke that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will sign an Executive Order on Monday slashing the wages of over 200,000 state employees to the bare minimum.
Not California’s minimum wage of $8 per hour. The federal minimum wage of $6.55. Six dollars and fifty-five cents an hour.
To add insult to injury, the Governor is slashing workers’ wages instead of taking leadership to close the “Yacht Tax” loophole.
Man of the people, yeah right.

If this annoys you a bit, then go sign this petition to stop Arnold.

BTW I am NOT a State employee, so it’s nothing personal here.

Here’s some additional information on the Yacht Tax fiasco.


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