I’m a Man

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Uncategorized
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“I’m a Man” is a song written by Spencer Davis Group singer-songwriter Steve Winwood and record producer Jimmy Miller. Not to be confused with the Bo Diddley song “I’m a man’ based on Muddy Waters’ 1951 song “She moves me”. Muddy later covered Bo’s song and renamed it “Mannish Boy” and that should be meat for a future post.
The original recording was a fast, Hammond organ-driven blues rock track released as a single by the Spencer Davis Group in early 1967, reaching no. 9 in the UK singles charts and no.10 in the US. It was the last hit single by the band before the brothers Steve and Muff Winwood left to pursue their own separate careers.
It was later covered in 1969 by Chicago on their debut album “The Chicago Transit Authority”.
And now in 2008 Los Lonely Boys have a great new version on their current release “Forgiven”, a terrific album.
So what better for a Thursday than to check out all three versions.

Spenser Davis Group


Los Lonely Boys

As with any great tune, there are always the fringe covers………….

Macho (A 70’s disco version)

The School of Rock Midwest ALL STARS perform I’m a Man at O’Gara’s in St.Paul MN on 07/15/08.

The British Invasion Band #2 performing I’m A Man at Powell Festival 6/27/08


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