Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen

Posted: July 21, 2008 in music
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The group originally formed in 1967 in Ann Arbor, MI; Commander Cody (born George Frayne IV; piano), John Tichy (lead guitar), Steve Schwartz (guitar), Don Davis (bass), Don Bolton (aka the West Virginia Creeper; pedal steel guitar), and Ralph Mallory (drums) formed the original lineup. When the group relocated to San Francisco the following year, only Frayne, Bolton, and Tichy made the move; the group’s membership included Billy C. Farlowe (vocals, harp), Andy Stein (fiddle, saxophone), guitarist Billy Kirchen, bassist “Buffalo” Bruce Barlow, and drummer Lance Dickerson at the time of their 1971 debut album, Lost in the Ozone. The following year the group scored a fluke Top Ten hit with “Hot Rod Lincoln,” taken from their first album, Lost in the Ozone. Commander Cody was never able to capitalize on the single’s success, partially because their albums never completely captured their live energy. [JBauder1948]
So here we have three versions, the first two show what a difference 35 years make. And the last one is the original track with some cool photo’s of guess what? Hot Rods, very nice JBauder1948.

1971 – Live


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