Jimmy Rosenberg

Posted: July 18, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Joseph (Jimmy) Rosenberg (born 10th April 1980 in Helmond) is a Dutch musician (guitar), known for his virtuoso playing of jazz, string swing, and gypsy jazz,
He was formerly active in the gypsy environment (Sinti), inspired by his relative Stochelo Rosenberg after his release of the album “Seresta” (Hot Club Records 1989). Jimmy Rosenberg’s international reputation started with the British Channel 4 show (Django’s Legacy, 1990) with the trio “The Gypsy Kids”, who consisted of Falko Reinhart and Sani van Mullum. In 1995 he was in the trio together with Johnny Rosenberg on guitar and Rinus Steinbach on bass.
With this group he toured in Oslo, New York and the Django festival in Paris until his solo career took over in 1997. Rosenberg has often taken part in the Norwegian Django Festival in Oslo, his first attendance having been made at only twelve years of age. In 2000 he made his debut at Carnegie Hall, as part of the Django Reinhardt Festival at Birdland, New York, where he has been an annual guest ever since. He has released many records, and has worked together with Norwegians such as Hot Club de Norvège, Ola Kvernberg, and Stian Carstensen. Internationally, he has worked and released records with Romane, Andreas Öberg, Jon Larsen ,Bireli Lagrene, Angelo Debarre and Frank Vignola. He has also played with Willie Nelson (2002)
Jimmy Rosenberg’s problems with heavy drugs have prevented him from an international breakthru, and he is now most of the time in hospitals or rehab.

Why does so much talent drift into drugs? Sad, but hopefully he will get out of the spiral.
So let’s listen to a few tracks from this talented heir to the Django Reinhardt throne.

Sweet Georgia Brown

Watch those flying fingers.

Limehouse Blues (with Frank Vignola)

Mélodie au Crépuscule

A medley of tunes by a very young Jimmy Rosenberg


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