Posted: July 3, 2008 in music
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Very interesting videos and great sounds. Is this Tango? Electronic Tango? I guess it is Electronica / Rock / Tango according to their MySpace page. Very cool. They are from Uruguay, Argentina.
They consist of …..
GUSTAVO SANTAOLALLA: guitar, percussion, vocals, backup vocals
JUAN CAMPODÓNICO: programming, beats, samples, guitar
LUCIANO SUPERVIELLE: piano, keyboards, turntable
MARTÍN FERRÉS: bandoneon
GABRIEL CASACUBERTA: upright bass, electric bass

Check them out. You will probably enjoy it.

Pa Bailar


This is one truly awesome track!!! I have no idea what they are saying, but it moves me none the less.

[Wikipedia] Bajofondo is a South American music band consisting of eight musicians from Argentina and Uruguay. Formerly called “Bajofondo Tango Club”, they changed their name to only “Bajofondo” since they felt their style had broadened to “contemporary music from the Río de la Plata” as was announced on their life concert in Berlin in April 2008. Often compared to Gotan Project, their music is a fusion of acoustic tango and electronic music, part of an evolving tango genre which is known as “Electrotango” or “Tango Fusion”, which is greatly helping to bring tango back into the mainstream. The band, which prefers to refer itself as a “collective of composers, singers and artists”, has a characteristic style that can be considered, besides the aforementioned mixture of tango and electronica, as an innovative form of DNB, house, chill out and trip-hop.
Their first record, Bajofondo Tango Club, was launched in 2002 with great success, with a second lone project from pianist/DJ/composer Luciano Supervielle greeted warmly by reviewers in late 2005.


I think I am really liking this contemporary music from the Río de la Plata. must check out their CD.


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