The Crash

Posted: June 5, 2008 in music
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The Crash are a pop-rock band from Turku, Finland, influenced by Britpop. The band formed after Teemu Brunila and Samuli Haataja met in 1991, with both Erkki Kaila and Dani Aavinen joining to complete the line up. Originally the band was called Ladies & Gentlemen, but later changed its name to New Deal. In 1997 the name was changed to The Crash.
Their debut album was released in 1999, and was followed by a tour of Europe including Sweden, Germany, and Austria, as well as performance at the In The City festival in Manchester, England. This caught the attention of Melody Maker and MTV Nordic. A second album was released in 2001, with the single from that album, “Lauren Caught My Eye”, being played on MTV, and the music video for “Star” earning the band a nomination for Best Nordic Artist at the MTV Europe Awards in 2002.

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