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Dalida (Born Yolanda Christina Gigliotti) (January 17, 1933 Cairo, Egypt – May 3, 1987 Paris, France) was an Egyptian born singer of Italian origin who lived most of her life in France.
She received 55 golden records and was the first singer to receive a diamond disc.
She sold a total of 170 million records from 1956 to 2006.

And she was virtually unknown in the USA.
This is a sad fact of life, with her talent you would have expected her to conquer the USA. But like so many other great European singers, unless you are prepared to compromise and sing in English, it doesn’t happen for them.

I think this is a loss to all, because the voice is a singers instrument and regardless of the language you are singing in it is the sound that the listener enjoys and the words are of secondary consequence. Except possibly for wordsmiths like Dylan.

In 1974 at the Olympia in Paris, Dalida presents at the end of her concert a new song which lasted 7 minutes 30: “Gigi l’ amoroso”. The title was to become the greatest success of her career as a singer.
It went to the top of the hit-parades in 12 countries.
Gigi l’ amoroso


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