Mike Oldfield – Exposed Tour 1979

Posted: June 3, 2008 in music
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This is Mike Oldfield. Exposed.
The DVD of the 1979 Exposed tour featuring the entire Wembley Conference Centre concert.
Newly remastered and digitally enhanced the DVD features multi-angle viewing of this unforgettable gig from Mike Oldfield’s seminal tour.

Disc 1
Incantations Parts 1 & 2
Incantations Parts 3 & 4

Disc 2
Tubular Bells Part 1
Tubular Bells Part 2

I was blown away to find this out, 3 years later (it was released in 2005).
I saw this tour in 1979 in Oxford, so brings back happy memories.
That’s the only problem with living in the USA it is difficult to keep up with European musical acts that are not that popular in the States.
Practically all that is know about Mike Oldfield here is “wasn’t he the guy that wrote the music for the Exorcist”.

Incantations – the finale and interval paper airplanes

– Mike Oldfield / bass, guitar, percussion, arranger, keyboards, producer
– Maddy Prior / vocals
– Pekka Pohjola / bass, guitar (bass)
– Pierre Moerlen / percussion, drums, vocals (background)
– Pete Lemer / keyboards
– Tim Cross / keyboards
– Phil Beer / guitar, vocals
– Ringo McDonough / bodhran
– Joe Kirby / bass
– Nico Ramsden / bass, guitar
– Nick Worters / bass
– David Bedford / percussion, string arrangements
– Mike Frye / percussion
– Benoit Moerlen / percussion
– Nigel Warren-Green, Vanessa Park / cello/celli
– David Bucknall, Jessica Ford / celli
– Pauline Mack, Donald McVay, Liz Butler, Ross Cohen, Danny Daggers, Melinda Daggers / viola
– Ben Cruft, Liz Edwards, Jonathan Kahan, Dick Studt, Jane Price, Nicola Hurton / violins
– Emma Smith, Marigo Acheson, Debra Bronstein, Diane Coulson, Mary Creed, Mary Elliott, Emma Freud, Clara Harris, Cecily Hazell, Wendy Lampitt, Catherine Loewe / vocals, choir
– Chris Nicholls, Sebastian Bell / trumpet
– Ray Gay, Ralph Izen, Collins Moore, Simon Salminen / trumpet & flute


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