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Kalinka” (Russian: Калинка) might be the best-known Russian song of all time. It has been mistaken as being a genuine folksong, but was actually written in 1860 by the composer and folklorist Ivan Petrovich Larionov 1830-1889 and first performed in Saratov as part of a theatrical entertainment that he had composed. Soon it was added to the repertory of a folk choral group, and the rest is history.
The song celebrates a snowball tree, with a speedy tempo and lighthearted lyrics. Singers and dancers many a time get into a frenzied celebration of song and dance while performing this song. The actual content of the song cannot be translated, as it possesses many Russian expressions and words that can hold a double meaning and have no equivalent in other languages.
In 2003, Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC. Since then, Kalinka has been associated with the London based Football Club and is often played before or after important matches, including the Champions League clashes with FC Barcelona and the Carling Cup final.
So for your enjoyment today here’s a few versions.

Three beautiful violin players


Photos from Moscow, I believe this is the original Red Army Choir recording.

Red Army Choir
This is the straight choir only, click here to see them with The Leningrad Cowboys.

And finally……
Chelsea 2 – Arsenal 1, Carling Cup Final 25th Feb 2007 (anybody who beats Arsenal is OK in my book, kinda like anyone who beats the Yankees).


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