Dubyah – The Movie

Posted: May 8, 2008 in Cheney, Dubyah, politics
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Now here’s a movie that looks like it will liven up the American election come November. By one of my favorite directors, Oliver Stone.
Supposedly this is to come out in October just before the election, and will bode well for McCain who is trying to extend the reign of King George as Term III.
I liked the focus of the movie: The movie has become a lightning rod before Stone has shot a single frame. If that bootlegged script is any indication, the film will feature such flag-waving moments as the Commander-in-Chief nearly choking to death on a pretzel while watching football on TV and a flashback of him singing the ”Whiffenpoof” song as a frat pledge at Yale, not to mention scenes in which he refers to his advisers by dorky nicknames — ”Guru” for Condoleezza Rice, ”Turdblossom” for Karl Rove, ”Balloon Foot” for Colin Powell — while discussing plans for the invasion of Iraq with the coolness of a late-night poker game. [EW]
Josh Brolin plays Dubya, Elizabeth Banks is Laura. But they have no one to play Cheney as yet!!
Can I strongly suggest the star of many movies who can play an evil bastard with much glee.
Just some of his great parts.
Staff Sergeant “Crapgame” in Kellys Heros
Mr. Hamilton, an insulting movie theater owner in Dirty Work
Emmaunel ‘Manny’ Bergman, a crooked attorney in Innocent Blood
All roles that are relevant to being an evil bastard on screen.

I am of course referring to the great Hockey Puck, Don Rickles. Now tell me you can’t see him as Cheney.


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