Aphrodite’s Child

Posted: April 12, 2008 in music
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[Wikipedia] Aphrodite’s Child was a Greek progressive rock band formed in 1967, by Vangelis Papathanassiou (keyboards); Demis Roussos (bass guitar and vocals), Loukas Sideras (drums and vocals), and Anargyros “Silver” Koulouris (guitar). Papathanassiou and Roussos had already been successful in Greece (playing in the bands Formynx and Idols respectively) while they got together with Sideras and Koulouris to form a new band. Their first recording as a band was for George Romanos album In concert and in Studio where they played on four songs and were credited as “Vangelis and his orchestra”. In the same year they recorded a two song demo and submitted it to Philips Records.

I don’t believe Randy Jackson played bass on any of their tracks, during this time or any time since.

Aphrodite’s Child – Spring, summer, winter and fall

The band began to record their crowning achievement late in 1970: a musical adaptation of the biblical Book of Revelation, entitled 666. Silver Koulouris, having finished his Greek army duty rejoined the band. However, relations between all the band members were not good at the time, and continued to worsen during the album’s creation.
Essentially, 666 was Vangelis‘ concept, created with an outside lyricist, Costas Ferris. The music that Vangelis was creating for 666 was much more psychedelic and progressive rock oriented than anything the band had done before. This did not sit well with the other band members, who wished to continue in the pop direction that had brought them success. Furthermore, Roussos was being groomed for a solo career, and recorded his first solo single “We shall dance” (with Sideras on drums), and his first solo album On the Greek side of my mind, whereas Vangelis recorded the score for L’apocalypse des Animaux and worked on a single with his girlfriend Vilma Ladopoulou, performing with Koulouris using the pseudonym “Alpha Beta”.
By the time the double LP 666 finally came out in late 1971, and having sold over 20 million albums, the band had already split. Both Vangelis and Demis Roussos pursued successful solo careers, Roussos as a pop singer and Vangelis as one of the pioneers in New Age music. Koulouris worked with both on occasion. Loukas Sideras pursued a less successful solo career, releasing an album and the single “Rising Sun” after the break-up.

666 is still one of my favorite progressive albums.

Aphrodite´s child – The four horseman (from 666)

When Demis went solo his career soared in Europe and England. I remember seeing him at the Royal Albert Hall in the 70’s. It was an amazing concert. I think the ladies especially loved him.

Demis Roussos – My Friend The Wind

Then like the rest of us Demis got older, but he still has the voice. Here he is in concert in Russia in 2003.

Demis Roussos – Goodbye my love goodbye

  1. Likedeeler says:

    Well, nothing against Demis Roussos. But that he “still has the voice” is obviously due to the fact that he moves his mouth (not too much in synchrony) to a recording that is being played back. You can even hear, if you listen closely, that this is not sung live. Sad, actually.

  2. Same as it ever was says:

    I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, since getting songs in sync on You Tube is just so much of a crap shoot. Depends on the bandwidth and the traffic on You Tube so much. I was basing it on the fact that he does not sound as good as he used to, but still sounds pretty good. Not living in Europe anymore the chance of keeping up with singers like Demis is just not possible. In all probability the only American’s who have heard of him have lived in Europe for a short while.

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