Posted: April 4, 2008 in Virginia
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You know what it means, and that is what I have to ask the authorities in Maryland, Virginia and Texas.
A first grader labeled as a Sexual Harasser.
I doubt he could spell it, let alone know what it means.
He is six years old. His school record is now permanently stained.
What did he do? He patted a six year old girls butt. Come on.
In Maryland 166 elementary students were suspended last year for sexual harassment, including three preschoolers, 16 kindergartners and 22 first-graders.
In Virginia, 255 elementary students were suspended for offensive sexual touching last year as well.
Two years ago in Texas, a four-year-old was punished for sexual harassment after a teacher’s aide accused the pre-schooler of pressing his face into her breasts during a hug.
All of these schools practice “zero-tolerance”.
Which translates to zero intelligence on the part of the schools governing bodies. Give me a break.
I would have to guess that once one makes it to the school board they forget totally their youth.
Luckily for the kids in the photo up top they are to young for school, or that one on the right would be in deep trouble.


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