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[Wikipedia] Madrugada is a Norwegian rock band formed in the town of Stokmarknes 1995. The band members include Frode Jacobsen (bass) and Sivert Høyem (vocals). Robert Burås (guitar) was also a member of the band, until he died July 12 2007. Despite this tragic loss they continued with the release of the new album, since Burås’ part was done before he died. The album, entitled Madrugada, was released on January 21st 2008.

They have released six albums plus some EP’s and singles.
* Industrial Silence (1999)
* The Nightly Disease (2001)
* Grit (2002)
* The Deep End (2005)
* Live at Tralfamadore (2005)
* Madrugada (2008)

If you don’t have any of them, please check them out you will not be disappointed.

The term “madrugada” is Spanish/Portuguese and means “dawn” — the blue hour.
So there you have it a Norwegian rock band with a Spanish/Portuguese name, singing in English with a lead singer who sounds like a cross between Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen (Australian / Canadian). Who says internationalism is dead?

Madrugada – Look Away Lucifer
The first single from the new album “Madrugada”, released January 21, 2008
Artist: Madrugada
Title: “Look Away Lucifer” Director: Andreas Nilsson
DOP: Mikel Cee Karlsson
© 2008 Malabar/EMI.


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