British Coins re-designed

Posted: April 2, 2008 in cool
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Great Britain is re-designing their coins, I don’t think they have changed since decimalization happened back in the 60’s. Apparently they had an open competition which was widely publicized in the British media in August 2005 and they got over 4,000 entries. The winning designer is 26-year-old Matthew Dent, originally from Bangor in Wales who now lives and works in London as a graphic designer.
After exploring a number of different options, Matthew Dent finally developed the heraldic theme, taking the greatest heraldic device ever used on coinage – the Royal Coat of Arms.
The new coins look a little strange when seen lined up as above or singly. But if you put them in the correct formation as you can see in the image below, the Shield of the Royal Arms has been given a contemporary treatment and its whole has been cleverly split among all six denominations from the 1p to the 50p, with the £1 coin displaying the heraldic element in its entirety. This is the first time that a single design has been used across a range of United Kingdom coins.

Check out the Royal Mint Site if you want to order proof sets.


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