Melody Gardot

Posted: March 30, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Melody Gardot is an American musician in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was disabled at 19, after being struck by a car while atop her bicycle. This event, though tragic, led to her recognition as a remarkable musician.
Her musical beginning was prompted by a tending physician who was concerned with her cognitive impairment as a result of head injury sustained in the accident. He believed music would help her brain injury drastically improve, as it has been known to show remarkable results in improving people’s cognitive ability after such trauma. It helps by rebuilding the pathways within the brain which are necessary for recalling data. (Specifically in the areas of Memory, Calculating Data, Executive Functioning Skills, etc.)

This young lady has an old soul, her music is deeply moving and reminiscent of the 40’s. Give her a listen and you won’t regret it.

Worrisome Heart

Melody Gardot performs Worrisome Heart, Live on NBC10 show from Philladelphia

Here you can see her performing Joni Mitchell’s “Blue Motel Room”


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