Eumir Deodato

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Friday is always a good day to feature some music.
Earlier this week I stumbled across a site where I found some Deodato music.
I was immediately taken back to the 70’s !!!
My vinyl copies have long ago worn out, and I’m not so sure the old CD’s haven’t expired as well.
So I have been listening to some of the MP3’s.
I never realized before Eumir Deodato was born the same year as me.
Separated by oceans and four months.
Takes me back!! So then I figured there has to be some videos on YouTube.
And there was, and some of it wonderful concert appearances.
Check them out.

One of his classics performed in Finland

Also Sprach Zarathustra

Here is a younger Eumir performing with an orchestra somewhere.

For a more recent take on that check out this version from Deodato with The Heritage Orchestra at the Hackney Empire, didn’t know that place was still standing. I used to go to Panto’s there, but that’s another story. The sound quality is not so good.

Rhapsody in Blue

This is just a short section of it from a concert in Vienna


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