Antonio Tobajas – E-Distance

Posted: March 10, 2008 in music
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I got another tip from a friend on Last.FM and this one is great for all you lovers of ambient music. I really like the blend of keyboards, electronica and the telephone sounds. Antonio Tobajas was born in Madrid, Spain in 1970. Started out learning the guitar and then switched to “Casio” keyboards. This much I can make out from his web page (and with the use of Babel Fish, because my Spanish sucks).
This track is available on his album Nanuna.

Antonio TobajasE-Distance

He also says (via Babel Fish) Music is a very important part in the life of the people and a very important part of the culture. Music is present constantly in our routine character although in many occasions not even we are conscious. Our moving body has one melodía to warn to us that they call to us, already we even can associate melodías to numbers, with which we know by the ear who calls before seeing it to us in the screen. The television newscast announces with one melodía, commercially promote articles in which the music that accompanies to them in the publicity even receives more relevance than the own announced product. But also in the meter or the train, in the airport the warnings even come preceded of concrete musical notes. We heard music in the bar, the car, house, in the work, when we go to the gymnasium, when we read a book, when we left to take something, by discounted when dancing, to relax to us in “spa”, in the waiting room of the dentist… In solitary and ample garages loudspeakers and musical thread even settle to palliate that sensation of solitude. The films have their sound track, the plays, the football teams their hymn…


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