Leaked RIAA Training Video

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Uncategorized
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This is just under two minutes of a one hour video.
It is a leaked RIAA training video, it was leaked to Torrent sites to scare them.
This clip just takes two of their crackpot theories and highlights them.
I’m not sure how real this is, but it would not surprise me.
So you have to remember if you are downloading movies you are probably a third strike crack whore who is stock piling guns waiting for the Al-Qaeda uprising so you can join in. You had better check your profile.
The folks in this video are either the greatest unknown actors around (who could not crack up with that dialog?) or they have been totally brainwashed by the RIAA.

Sadly it seems genuine, see the story at Wired. But I guess they are talking about physical CD’s. Oops better take my wall down.


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