John Otway it’s Thursday

Posted: February 21, 2008 in music
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OK as if we needed an excuse to feature John Otway.
I’m still finding good stuff on YouTube.
I found these when checking out the great version of The House of The Rising Sun which was featured last week.
These three vids feature a couple of his quieter and more reflective songs and one which always floors me.

Poetry and Jazz
She said “It’s hard for me to explain to you, the brightness of the light.
I can still remember when my life was like that
A real and painless beauty I remember as a kid
When I thought that I knew everything and in a way I did
She was a virgin then, a child in a million
With deep round hazel eyes of blazing intuition
She called me over to her side and said “Will you please listen
I wanna show you something and it’s something I’ve just written
And I’m calling it Poetry and Jazz”

How does John get inside the mind of an adolescent girl? Amazing.

Bluey Green
John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett Live at Kingston On Thames
I don’t know, but I’ve been told that this is probably one of his best songs.

Bunsen Burner
John Otway made it to number nine in the UK Top Ten October 2002.
The only Bunsen Burners I was ever familiar with was in Chemistry class at school, in which I sucked. So coming up with a love/lust song featuring a Bunsen Burner is just plain awesome.

Science tells you love
Is just a chemical reaction in the brain
Let me be your bunsen burner baby
Let me be your naked flame


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