Vanity plates sell for millions

Posted: February 6, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Vanity plates are not that expensive here in California, and you can have virtually what you want as long as it is not offensive. And sometimes that depends on your background, I have seen the plate BOLLOX in the Bay Area, it cracks me up but obviously has no local impact. When I used to live in England you couldn’t pick your plates so you had to search for strange combinations of letters and numbers. One of the more famous ones I saw was in the West End of London on a Rolls Royce back in the seventies. The plate was PEN 15 but was printed without the space and the 5 was a little chipped. It allegedly belonged to Linda Lovelace.
Anyhow check out CNN’s Wilf Dinnick reports on the high price for vanity license plates in Abu Dhabi.

$6.8 Million for a vanity plate?? If this Kansas plate is genuine it could sell for a fortune in Abu Dhabi.


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