Falco – Verdammt wir leben noch

Posted: January 29, 2008 in music
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“Falco – Verdammt wir leben noch” deals with the life, work and tragic death of Johann “Falco” Hölzel (Manuel Rubey). The biopic is portraying his work through his early days, as member of the Viennese band “Drahdiwaberl” and later with his own hits as solo artist, like “Der Kommissar”, “Wiener Blut” and his worldwide smash-hit “Rock Me Amadeus”.
“The best singer out of Austria”, yep just above ??? uhh! Ok, if you say so.

To quote The Playlist Johnny Cash is to America, what Falco is to Austria. At least judging by the trailer for Falco: Verdammt, Wir Leben Noch!” (which roughly translates as: ‘More Delicious Strudel!’ or ‘Condemned, We Live Still,’ take your pick) the new biopic about the life of the queeny Austrian synthmeister.
The movie will be released this year, February in Austria and maybe July in USA..
The movie also stars Grace Jones.


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