Vanessa Mae

Posted: January 7, 2008 in music
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For some reason I was in the mood for some Vanessa Mae music today, went to You Tube and there was so many I had a problem making up my mind. So I used a bunch.

I have always liked the violin, I even had aspirations as a kid. I started violin lessons in school, using a “school violin”. That meant the school owned it not me.
Which may explain why I didn’t last too long in the violin lessons. You have to remember the timing was not good. It was in the late 50’s Rock n’ Roll was just breaking out and skiffle was all the rage. Here’s my question, did you know you can tune a violin to sound exactly like a banjo? Neither did I, but one of the other kids found that out. And so we had to try it didn’t we? So there we were the two of us, banging out “Don’t you rock me daddy-oh” on two violins sounding like two banjos, and of course you know the rest, the music master walked into the class. And that was the end of my violin classes.

Anyway back to a real violin player. Enjoy.

Vanessa Mae – Toccata and Fugue


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