Storm of the Century (so far)

Posted: January 5, 2008 in Uncategorized
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The worst storm since 1996 qualifies it as the storm of the century (so far).

ABC7 says
SAN FRANCISCO — A powerful Arctic system descending from the Gulf of Alaska during the past day, the strongest storm to hit the Bay Area in two years, has swept some areas with hurricane-force winds and doused the region with several inches of rain, according to a National Weather Service forecaster.
“This is the monster storm, the second of three,” said forecaster Steve Anderson.
A flash flood warning is in effect for Santa Cruz and Monterey counties, while a high wind warning has been issued for the rest of the Bay Area.

KTVU Channel 2 says …. A monstrous storm, born in the churning waters of the Gulf of Alaska, slammed into Northern California Friday, causing multiple big-rig collisions shutting down the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and triggering heavy rains, squall warnings, flooding fears and power outages in the Bay Area, blizzard conditions in the Sierra and flight delays and cancellations at local airports.
Weather forecasters have predicted the storm would match the intensity of a memorable 1996 storm that battered the Bay Area. Rain was predicted to continue through Sunday.

Here I am at the junction of Hesperian and Industrial in Hayward. Not too bad, but you can see the palms waving and the traffic lights bouncing in the wind. Nothing compared to the mid-west of course.


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