David Broza

Posted: December 30, 2007 in music
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I just saw him on a PBS broadcast of “David Broza At Masada: The Sunrise Concert” and had to put some of his music on my blog.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
David Broza (born September 4, 1955 in Haifa) is a Multi-platinum Israeli singer-songwriter. He has written several Israeli pop standards, including Yihiyeh Tov (It will be alright) and Mitachat La’Shamayim (Under the Skies).
Broza is a Sephardi Jew. His grandfather Wellsley Aron was a founder of an Arab-Israeli settlement Neve Shalom (translates to The Oasis of Peace) [1] and of the Habonim youth movement. The son of an Israeli/British businessman and a folk singer, David Broza was born in Haifa, Israel. He was raised and educated in England and Spain. Broza originally planned to become a graphic artist, and by age 17, was selling his paintings in the Rastro, Madrid’s famous Sunday flea market. However, after high school graduation, he was drafted into a three-year term in the Israeli military. Stationed away from family and friends, he began playing guitar in cafes to earn extra money, and was eventually offered a record deal. Since he still hoped to attend the Rhode Island School of Design, he declined. He later recorded a tape to promote his live shows. “Somehow, one of the songs became a #1 hit in Israel”, he explains. At age 21, he became a superstar, and by age 27 he was being mobbed by fans in the street as his recordings were sold quickly.
Critics have labelled him as “a post-modern Leonard Cohen,” and the “Stevie Ray Vaughan” of folk rock.

If you haven’t seen it keep an eye open for the “David Broza At Masada: The Sunrise Concert” that is currently in rotation on some PBS stations. Excellent concert, awesome background.

Here’s a couple of tasters to get you interested.

Me Voy
Broza 5 Featuring David Broza with Cyro Baptista, Jay Beckenstein, Julio Fernandez and Francisco Centeno
This song features an extended percussion solo by Cyro Baptista.


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