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Queen Elizabeth II becomes oldest British monarch
London: Today Queen Elizabeth II became Britain’s oldest-ever monarch, surpassing the record of Queen Victoria.
Born on May 24, 1819, Victoria lived for 81 years and 243 days. Queen Elizabeth II moved past that record today, Buckingham Palace said. There was, however, no fanfare about the historic event.

The queen is also within eight years of breaking Victoria’s record for the longest reign. She would pass that milestone on September 9, 2015.
The Queen is now the fourth longest-reigning monarch. She would overtake King Henry III on March 5, and King George III in 2012. King George III is better known in the States as mad King George, the King that lost America.
The Queen continues to carry out about 250 engagements each year and spends up to four nights a week at Buckingham Palace, which is known by the royals as the office, and three at Windsor castle, her favorite home.
The Queen is the second longest serving head of state in the world after King Bhumibol of Thailand. Her reign has seen 11 prime ministers, starting with Sir Winston Churchill. Her reign is littered with milestones.
Last month, she became the first monarch to celebrate her diamond wedding anniversary. She is also the first to have a prime minister born during her reign.

As Queen Elizabeth II becomes the oldest reigning monarch in British history, we take a look at some of her most significant waving moments.
As an aside the only time I ever actually saw the wave in reality (not on TV) was in the drive by of June 3rd, 1953 down Bow Road in the east end of London.

Queen Elizabeth II Will Leave Behind Long Legacy Of Waving

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