Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran

Posted: November 14, 2007 in music
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They were among my idols in my youth. Loved to play their 45’s all the time. They were both very popular in the UK and they were touring together in 1960 when Eddie Cochran met his unfortunate end in a car crash. Gene Vincent (along with Sharon Sheeley, Eddies fiancée, survived the crash). Gene was to sadly die eleven years later from a ruptured stomach ulcer. I had the occasion to meet Gene in the early sixties in a coffee bar in Soho, London. He was a really likable guy, and the epitome of a Southern Gentleman. Why are all the talented people taken so young? Still here is some fine rock ‘n roll from around 1958 / 1959, I think they are all from the Town Hall Party. Town Hall Party was California’s largest country music barndance, running from early 1952 until early 1961. The show was broadcast every Saturday night from a theatre made up to look like an old barn in the Compton suburb of Los Angeles.

Gene Vincent – Be-Bop-A-Lula


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