Henry Rollins (et al) vs Ann Coulter

Posted: November 9, 2007 in 911, ann coulter, Keith Olbermann
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Per Wikapedia
Henry Rollins (born February 13, 1961 as Henry Lawrence Garfield) is an American singer and songwriter, spoken word artist, author, and actor.
Ann Hart Coulter (born December 8, 1961) is an American conservative columnist, political commentator and best-selling author, known for her biting satire.

I was never much into punk rock so was unaware of Henry Rollins until he stopped singing and started talking. You have to see his show on IFC to appreciate how much of an understanding of this world he has. If there were more people at his level the world would be a saner place. Here he sticks his tongue firmly in cheek and writes a letter to Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter has appeared too many times with Bill Maher, but I am assuming he only has her on to take the piss. Thankfully for the sake of my ears and sanity I have missed pretty much all of her appearances on Fox News (sic) and other round the clock “news” channels.

Henry Rollins voices many folks thoughts on how to handle a bitch. Nice one Henry.

et al. – and others (‘et al.’ is used as an abbreviation of `et alii’ (masculine plural) or `et aliae’ (feminine plural) or `et alia’ (neuter plural) when referring to a number of people); “the data reported by Smith et al.”


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