Strange Phrases

Posted: November 7, 2007 in Uncategorized
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When I first moved out here to the Bay Area I discovered the alarming tendency of many drivers to change lanes frequently for no obvious reason and with no prior indication.
I wondered at the time, and still do if it is partly because of the madness that is California highways of frequently changing the number of lanes available to traffic. Lanes get added for no real reason, and also disappeared just as frequently.
I tagged it as “Lane Changers R Us” but I have finally found a phrase that is designed for it.
It comes from this list of Weird and Wonderful foreign phrases for all sorts of occasions.

Shnourkovat Sya – Russian: when drivers change lanes frequently and unreasonably. (Now assuming I can pronounce it I will be shouting this regularly).

Some of the others I particularly liked were…………
Vai A Fava – Portuguese: get lost, literally “go to the fava bean”.
Rhwe – South Africa: to sleep on the floor without a mat while drunk and naked. (been there)
Layogenic – Tagalog, Philippines: a person who is only goodlooking from a distance. (happens more as you get older)
Poronkusema – Finnish: the distance equal to how far a reindeer can travel without a comfort break. (not sure how useful this would be).


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