Mike Oldfield not doing Tubular Bells

Posted: October 3, 2007 in music
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Mike Oldfield – Punkadiddle
This is from his tour in 1981 at Monreaux, don’t know why he was topless I can only assume it was a warm night. I saw him in Oxford in 1979, he was touring with a band made up from players in the London Philharmonic Orchestra (If my memory serves me well) and they were all having a wonderful time exchanging instruments in-between songs. In Punkadiddle as I recall he had a back projection of an Escher building with a gorilla perpetually walking around the stairs. Very cool.

If you are still looking for Tubular Bells, there are dozens of versions here.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your memory serves well!!! The Mike Oldfield concert you mention was my first ever!!! I remember that gorilla, too!!! And, of course, those stairs kind up going up and up and up and always around again. Remember???

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