The Amero – Truth or Falacy

Posted: September 8, 2007 in Dubyah
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What is the truth? Is King George trying to disband the United States to produce a North American Super Power (USA/Canada/Mexico) with himself as the titular leader?
The Canadians are worried, the Americans are complacent and who knows what the Mexicans feel.
Hal Turner shows proof that it is real.
Human Events seems to have an insight into it.
Amerocurrency seems to be investing in it.
Wikapedia throws in on it.
Michael Vail’s blog seems to think it will cause problems.
The Canadian Free Press weighs in on it.
Now the reality is that only bloggers are finding this, except for a small mention on CNBC and Lou Dobbs on CNN. The network news and the mainstream newspapers are remarkably tight lipped. As is the government, but knowing King George would we expect anything other? What do you think, is it time to write your congressman?


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