Posted: August 8, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I had 755 so it is only right I have 756. Missed it “live” on TV last night, flipping stations. But saw many of the replays, and the post game interviews with Barry. Maybe it is because I am new to the bay area (only 11 years) but I don’t see the surliness that the media describes. I can see he is not impressed with the media, but who would be? Has anyone asked Britney, Paris, Posh or Lindsay how much they love the media? I would have to compare the media to a pack of hyenas, once they smell blood there is no stopping them. The only pack more bloodthirsty may just have been chasing this ball, a New Yorker got it, but at least we know he’s not a Yankee fan. Anyway back to the point of it, here is number 756 a moment in history. Maybe, just maybe, A-Rod will break this record in five or six years. I just hope he is not still wearing the Damn Yankees uniform, but I guess he will be wearing the kit of whomever pays most.

As a side note to Anonymous who posted a comment on 755, what did it mean?


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