Fremont Art and Wine Festival 2007

Posted: August 5, 2007 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday we attended the 24th annual Fremont Art and Wine Festival in downtown Fremont. As usual it was a beautiful day. There is apparently 4.75 miles of streets to traverse so that you can see every booth. I’m pretty sure we did most of it. Here is a very brief view of it.

As is usual with any type of fun in the bay area, the religious nuts were in attendance harangued the crowd with their slanted view of religion. I understand the first amendment and all that, but my question is this. Did they pay for that patch in the festival? Everybody else who was selling, or giving away, anything had to pay for their space. They commandeered a largish portion of the street, space that real people couldn’t occupy because of them.

  1. Patrick says:

    Nice footage. I’d prefer it if you started off with something like “This is Barrie Moore, you’re roving reporter, I’m here at the blah blah blah”. You know, make if all official and stuff.

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